Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Quasi-Mandatory Bi-Weekly Wednesday Post

It's not that I made a rule for myself or anything. It's just that you guys always give me so much to think about, I end up having something to blog about after meetings. It's nothing specific this time, though. Just a collection of thoughts.

First off: I'm posting some footage of the wrock concert I went to last night. Here's the first of three videos
The other two aren't uploaded yet.

There is an updated version of Clockwork where pretty much the only thing changed is in one of the last few chapters. I will send it to you. The change isn't important if it was real life, but from a literary/character arc point of view, it's vital.

We had a bunch of new people this week, and guess what happened! We talked about Twilight again. This is a trend. I said it last week, and I am saying it now. It always happens. This was considerably more... aggressive than last week, though. I'm surprised.

On that note, while we were walking out, Emily mentioned to me that she thinks it'd be interesting to find out whether there is a correlation between political party and Edward vs. Jacob (or at least Edward vs. Anti-Edward). This may be my project for AP Statistics senior year.

I like that we've been having more poetry at meetings recently, but I'm not sure why.

I spent the morning kicking loads of virtual butt in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction with my sister (four hours, but we didn't intend to play for that long). Then my other sister and I rehearsed various things for a song I've written (well, sort of. I wrote the words. It's a filk.) about NaNoWriMo. And that's all I'm going to say on that topic for now. More will be revealed as November approaches.

It's nice being a teenage author in that it really doesn't matter, from a monetary standpoint, whether or not Clockwork is published any time soon. Especially considering that I have a babysitting job for next week, I'm getting a third of my mom's organist pay (since I'm playing several things to help her out), and I never spend any money anyway (saving for Leaky Con 2011). 

It occurred to me last night that I was at a concert for bands I I probably should have brought some money. Then I thought that it was probably a good thing after all. However, I'm going to bring some next week.

Why do most of the big events not directly related to my personal life but relevant to me happen on Tuesdays? (Okay, not really. Just yesterday's concert, next week's concert,  and nearly every YA novel release.)

Perhaps I should write several more paragraphs just so I'll still be working on this post when the second wrock video finishes uploading. But, as the Blibbering Humdingers said in the song linked to above, "I think that the crowd's had enough."


  1. I would not say that it was more aggressive It was just that we had some Twilight lovers who would actually take a stand for what they believed in. What bothered me the most is when one of the new people said that it didn't matter what message the book promoted because it was a fiction book.

  2. And the fact that we had Twilight lovers is what made it more aggressive.
    And I know! That bit was terrible. How does fiction NOT affect the reader?


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