Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Never Forget Your First...

...form rejection. Haha.

Yep. That is what I received in my inbox after the ROFLCOPTOUR concert tonight (speaking of which, Emily, I thought you were going to be there?).

It was a very nice one, though. I archived it. :D

As my Facebook status says, it was exciting for about ten minutes, and now I'm just sort of "yeah, that's what I expected." I only said "dejected" because of the similarity to "rejected." I'm actually okay with it. 

Unfortunately, for most of the other agents I plan on querying, I'll need to write a synopsis. Yay. Of course, it was something I probably should have done at some point anyway.

Also: I started my driving lessons with the Driving School Teacher today. I'm either paying attention to my speed and turning too far to the right, or paying attention to my steering and speeding or going too slow. But I've only been behind the wheel for less than two hours total, so that's alright as well.

The concert was awesome. I'll be uploading footage to my YouTube channel soon. I bought two new CDs and got my ALL CAPS one signed.

So that's cool.


  1. Many authors go through a billion rejections before they "score". Stephen King nailed them to the wall, and had to replace the nail with a spike. Gail Carson Levine says she could wallpaper her house with rejections. So I'm proud of the way you're taking it.

    P.S. I have been doing my own corrections to Clockwork. I may not be accurate, but they are not so much to fix your writing as to practice editing--a field I plan to go into as a backup career, in case I don't get published straightaway.


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