Saturday, July 10, 2010


Unless I'm refusing to read something just to spite someone (hasn't happened in several years, but it has occurred), I try to give every book a chance. That's not to say that I read every book that comes my way, but I'm willing to read anything if that's the only thing available. That is, I'm willing to start reading anything. If it's just the characters or plot I don't like, I'll usually keep going just for the sake of finishing. Only when the writing itself is terribly convoluted will I quit (usually).

Today I was at my aunt's house helping with preparations for my grandparents' 50th Anniversary party tomorrow, and after we were done, I picked up the book my 13 year old cousin was reading: Pure, by someone with the last name of McVoy. I think.

I made it through the first seven pages before I stopped. The entire concept...was not something that interested me in the slightest, and it just aggravated me. Which confused me, because I know people similar to the main character, and most of them are nice, and those that aren't are only marginally annoying (usually, but then again I don't spend much time with them).
But I hated that main character. And also her four friends. Or was it four? I don't even know.
I know seven pages isn't much to go by...but I didn't want to read the rest of it (plus, I had other stuff to be doing).

And I feel bad about it. Sorry, Author of Pure. Some people (like my cousin) really like your book, but I am not one of those people.

And I don't know why this bothers me so much. It seems like it shouldn't matter, and everyone's entitled to their own opinions...

Now I should go help with dinner.

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  1. I stopped reading the Twilight series as well as Narnia, but that is because I have too many other things I would much rather read. If they were the last books on Earth I might, but otherwise probably not. I started Gone With the Wind in seventh grade or so, then stopped because I wasn't interested, but I might just read it someday.


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