Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vessel of Varied Topics

As the title of a recent episode of a podcast I follow said.

"You're cooler than the flip-side of my pillow." -One of my sister's friends (in this case not to anyone or anything in particular. She just says it sometimes.)

5th grade boys are just plain strange. Sorry, male readers, but you used to be one, and while I may understand you better now, that inner 5th-grader is still there somewhere, buried deep down inside of your souls. This point comes as a result of a conversation I had with aforementioned sister about some boys in her class last year. Some guys don't understand girls/women. But it is really you who are the enigmas. End of topic.

I didn't read my query letter at the meeting today, as I had planned, as the two people I really wanted critiques from weren't there. (I depend on you to make my stuff better, you know. I don't just bring stuff in for fun, even if that is part of it.) Next time, probably.

There weren't any new people, and while new people are interesting, I was glad for a small group of people who have been around for awhile. It was more relaxed, and we had more time. We were even done slightly early (**gasp**).

I read a poem, which is something I don't do very often. It got exactly the reception I'd hoped for, so that was good. :)

And I missed Beth. She was the first person at writing club to hear one of my stories ("Last of the Nine, in case anyone was interested. Sorry for those of you who aren't in the club and don't know what I'm talking about), and the story she read at that meeting remains my favorite out of  all the ones I have heard (at meetings) since. Sorry.

I suppose that now I'm slowly accumulating non-IRL followers, I should be more conscientious of them. 
So if my blogging about more personal things that you don't understand bothers you, please tell me. I won't stop, but I'll cut down on it. Really the only super-personal ones are Wednesday evenings every other week, because I've just seen everyone at our meeting. So you shouldn't worry about it too much. But tell me if it bothers you.


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