Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're Tough

One quick thing before I get on to my main topic.

I hate when people say "You have great taste in music." All it means is "You like the same music that I do!" It's very arrogant (yes, subconsciously arrogant) to presume that your tastes are the objective standard for "good/great taste."


My sister and I were having, of sorts today. I was giving her critiques on some of her writing...and perhaps I was a bit harsh.
 I think I have less inhibitions about telling her exactly what I think, as opposed to keeping my mouth shut, because as my sister, she's "required" to "like" me. Friends are only your friends because they like you. Siblings and other family members have no choice. So you have to be more careful and polite with friends. Because they can always leave.

Now, I usually don't have many negative things to say about my friends, and usually the ones I do have aren't very negative at all. Even my criticism of writing or whatever isn't negative. It's just "it would be better if..." But still

But that isn't all.

At writing club, I'm used to my work being torn at. And I'm glad for it, because it ends up better. I don't take it personally. I take it as a compliment that you care enough about me and my work to want to make it better.
And you all are used to it as well. We're tough, but sometimes I forget that other people aren't used to it.

Also, I'm participating in Life in a Day. It's a YouTube project where you upload stuff filmed on the 24th that answers any of the following questions: "What do you love?" "What do you fear?" "What makes you laugh?" and "What's in your pockets?"

My parents were gone most of the afternoon shopping for furniture, so I didn't get to do the thing I was planning on, unfortunately. But I'll still upload what I have, and that will be that.

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