Friday, July 30, 2010

So I Don't Get Sued

The following is in reference to the abbreviated performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night that I attended this morning.
  • It was hard to understand some people at some points, but that goes with pretty much every performance of anything.
  • The music= great addition. And it really was. I'm not just saying that out of fear. ;)
  • I was surprised it was so short (especially since one of the kids selling lemonade outside told us it would last until 12)
  • I thought the costumes were really cool, although I'm not sure why
  • It's awesome how that set will be used for the professional performance in August.
  • The abbreviations made it more difficult to understand the plot (or at least the motivations BEHIND the plot), and I feel bad for anyone who didn't read the summary beforehand.

So there's my proof that I went. And I enjoyed it (although the lemonade kinda sucked.)


  1. I'm really happy that they're not going to just throw the set away, as I spent a good three hours painting it. I'm glad you liked the show. I'm less glad that you came to the show in which I screwed up the final song.

    Which actors couldn't you hear? Thanks, not to brag(he says before he begins bragging) I actually wrote all the music myself. Didn't you feel it was the highlight of the show? The members of the cast were actually considering going out on stage before today's show and explaining the plot to the audience before hand. Everyone had at least one person tell them after last nights show "I liked it but I didn't understand it"

    Thanks for coming!

  2. Is it still playing? I might see it....

  3. You, the guy whose name starts with a T, Sebastian and the person who was talking to him, and maybe one or two other people. It was on and off throughout the thing. I caught some of the lines from everyone.
    I figured you wrote it, as it said "Music developed by Ezra Brain." The lyrics are from the script, though, right?


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