Monday, March 14, 2011

How They Met And How They Parted

"(Yesterday) I read and enjoyed a book of gay romances recommended to me by my heterosexual ex-boyfriend. Because that's not strange at all."

(The book in question is How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan, which is chockful of quotable material.)

"Knowing about life is really knowing how it should be, not just how it is." 

That's the only deep-sounding one I can find right now just flipping through (mainly because I marked that one this morning specifically to share it with all of you), but the thing I've noticed from all of the books by David Levithan that I've read is that his narrators are very, very real. Just the way he/they phrases things. The observations he/they make.

And I love it.

(And if you want more fun contradictions, think about your first "date" with your ex being just as friends. That makes no sense in about three different ways.)


  1. best quote from the book(that I recall) is "They Couldn't Keep Their Words Off Each Other"

    I love David Levithan in a perfectly legal way

  2. I didn't get to that point until after posting this-- the last half of the book is better than the first (and the first was very good).

  3. Well I am adding David Levithan to my list! Great post and great ex for recommending a book about gay romances. And Ezra, it should be legal to love David in any way (well, I guess I could list some really inappropriate ways but those will always be illegal)...

  4. @butcept Definitely, definitely do. (And yes, he's the best ex ever.)

    @rock4ever95 (is laughing) Ah, juxtaposition.


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