Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Which I Talk About Me And Am Rather Boring

Time for some self-indulgence. And also an announcement.

The English journal posts, both the prompts and my responses, are not what I'd hoped them to be. Therefore, I can no longer promise one every other day. (But you're probably okay with that.) That is the announcement.

Now for the self-indulgence (or is it narcissism? Or is it just self-absorption? or maybe...):

I turned 15 today (yaaay). It actually doesn't feel much different, but I assume that's because I've been considering myself 15 for awhile. I often have to backspace and correct myself. Now those days are over. (btw: THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! You know who you are. And if you're not one of them, it's okay. I'm not offended. Really.)

I can get my permit now (although I'm planning on putting it off until December, because of, you know, NaNoWriMo). That's simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

Today was actually the best birthday I've had in a good while. In 6th grade, for instance, I threw up within the first half hour of school due to being accidentally poisoned. Keyword: accidentally. Long story. 7th grade was mostly terrible all around. In 8th grade, the party was fun, but I don't remember the birthday itself terribly well, so let's go with average. I assume I had a good day in 9th grade simply because I loved most of first semester.

But this year...

It started out with some hilarious things happening that either few people outside my family would get, or just aren't funny unless you were there, so I won't go into detail.
In English, we had an assembly (*sad face*) instead of class, but it was about college, which is at least relevant and important, so that was okay. And I got to sit with my friends. 
In computer programming, I got a bagel. It occurs to me I could have gotten a free bagel had I mentioned it was my birthday, but oh well. It's better off this way, anyways.
I got to play with toxic chemicals in Chemistry earlier this week, which was fun, and today I finished my test early so I got to read loads of Ranger's Apprentice 9: Halt's Peril, which was freaking fantastic. All of my vocab sentences for the past two days are regarding that book. That's the great thing about the series- it doesn't get worse as it progresses, as most series do. Read them.
And...I baked brownies and took them to writing club. I got to hear great stories, had exactly the reception I'd hoped for on my own, and generally had a good time of it. 
I've also racked up a total of $50 of birthday money so far, which means my iTunes library will be growing very soon.

Good stuff. And a song about the Fermi Paradox by Hank Green that isn't uploaded yet but I saw on Twitter that it will be. 

Actually...this entire week has gone smashingly. (I never use that word. Why did I use that word?)

Interview update: The interview will be occurring sometime closer to November 1st. Not sure exactly when. It will be by email, and I assure you that you will know just as soon as it's posted. But first there's some more work on the first part of that secret project to be done...

Also, elementary school writing club is due to start on October 20th! I'm quite excited, although I'm also nervous.

And I'm reading Strega Nona by Tomie De Paola aloud to an undefined number of elementary schoolers and their parents tomorrow night. Let it suffice for me to say that the number is larger than I expected when I signed up to do it.

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