Friday, October 1, 2010

Upcoming Interview!

Okay, so you know how in my last post I showed you a video of me talking about the Quad N? 

Well, I also sent it to the Office of Letters and Light (the people who run NaNoWriMo).

They liked it. They plan to tweet the different episodes. They asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for their blog.

Now, being a 15 year-old with no press experience other than a picture in the newspaper of me in costume at the Half Bood Prince midnight release party, my initial response was OH MY GOD- OF COURSE I DO- I'M GOING TO BE INTERVIEWED!!!!!

I didn't actually write that in a reply. I haven't written back yet. But I most definitely will.

So that's exciting.

Friday's Quad N debut can't come soon enough now. My week is going to be so busy. Debate team, Ranger's Apprentice 9, my birthday, baking brownies for writing club for said birthday, lit-magazine meeting...

This is an Important Event.


Talk to me.