Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pirate/Ninja Day

Today I wanted our English journal to be about the psychological differences between pirates and ninjas, and those who dress up as them for Pirate/Ninja day, respectively. The journal was actually "Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Chuck Norris. Discuss."

One thing I learned by being a ninja today is that non-costumed people treat costumed people differently. Some people looked straight past me (I amused myself by thinking that of course it must have been because ninjas are invisible). Others treated me as more of an object than a person. Example: someone in the hallway saw me and remarked to her friend "That's the coolest ninja I've seen all day."

There are a number of things wrong with that statement, but also: thanks.

  1. I am not a "that." I am a "she" or at the very least a "they" if you're not sure of my gender. Not that I'm actually upset about it, but I figured I'd mention it.
  2. I was still in front of her. I have ears. Why not address the compliment to me?
  3. There isn't a three. I just said there were a number of things wrong.
Someone thought I was not dressed as a ninja, but a Muslim. Okay, maybe I looked like the Medjai guy from The Mummy, but he doesn't represent Muslims. He represents Egyptian Aragorn. 

So I was an Arabian Ninja Coolest Seen All Day. That's not bad.

My math teacher wore a black dress shirt with black dress pants and said "This is the closest to a ninja I'm ever getting." This is the man with pipe-cleaner ninjas hidden around his classroom planted by a student for his birthday.

My English teacher's shirt had a picture of Gandhi with an eye-patch that read "An eye for an eye makes the whole world pirates." She's also one of the five people who understood my Einstein shirt. Her dad (my Computer Programming teacher) is one of the others.

Also, if anyone happened to see a ninja tearing down the sidewalk today...that was me. I'd forgotten about Ellipsis and got all the way to Grandma's before remembering and then I ran back to school. Fun.

It occurred to me yesterday that when I have a vaguely interesting thought, my first instinct is to stick it on here. I really do still intend for this blog to have more of a theme than "Random Thoughts I Have." Maybe you'd like a Random Thoughts blog written by me, but I don't have one, nor do I plan to. I will try to restrain my random thoughts to my paper journal rather than this online one.
Maybe I just need someone to talk to about my random thoughts, and you guys are it.

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  1. I wanted to dress as a pirate, but my Captain Jack Sparrow hat was at my mother's house. I mentioned making it up another time, but my friend said, "Kids will beat you up. This is high school."
    This made me think this: If this is high school, not elementary or middle, shouldn't people have gotten their acts together by now?
    In either case, it was interesting.


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