Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plot Chickens

This week's the Book Fair at the elementary school. It's also Spirit Week. Today was pajama day, in order to coincide with PJs and Cookies Bedtime Story Night. I'm here in my pajamas, reading Strega Nona and sneaking Girl Scout cookies.
Along with Strega Nona, my mom also saved out another (future) library book for me to take a look at. It's called Plot Chickens, and is utterly hilarious. It's about a young chicken named Henrietta learning to write (and includes the comments from her not-so-talented relatives). She sends off a query letter, and many months later, receives a reply: "Dear Ms. Henrietta: We do not publish books written by chickens. Even if we did, we wouldn't want this one. We didn't like it. Don't quit your day job. Have a nice life. Hunter Fox, Editor."
"The aunts were devastated, but Henrietta vowed not to brood over her rejection."

Forget bringing a story of my own to writing club next time. I'm reading Plot Chickens. This book is amazing.

I can hear the Samoas calling...(Oh, wait, they're called Carmel Delights...oops.)

I might also read it to the writing club here once it starts...

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