Friday, October 8, 2010

The Quad N: New Beginnings

So I'm waiting for the first real episode of the Quad N to upload and am looking at blogger stats and I see that some of today's views came from Google searches, which is fairly normal. Then it occurred to me to Google "Elf Army Writes" and see what came up. (Yes, I Googled myself.)
It turns out I've been re-blogged on a Gay Marriage/Rights news site.  That's kind of cool. I wonder how they found the post.
And on that Googling note, it turns out (because I just tried it out of curiosity) that when my name is Googled, links to me actually appear. I exist more than I did in middle school, apparently. So that's kind of cool as well. (It also makes my brain shout: HA, WORLD! I EXIST PRIOR TO BEING 18! OH NO, THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!)

End of the self-obsessed rambling that you don't care about.

Emily's coming over Sunday, and we're going to (hopefully) finish filming the second secret part relating to the Quad N, as well as maybe play disc golf and definitely have cake and hang out and stuff. So that should be fun, and also productive. The thing with "fun" productivity is that the fun factor is usually downsized by quite a bit. Note: I said "usually."

My first staff meeting for Ellipsis (my school's literary magazine) was yesterday, and it turned out that it wasn't the trial meeting I was invited to last year. The rest of the staff said yes just based on my application and attached stories (chapter 1 of The Clockwork Experiment, "Trading the World Away," and "Saving, Slaying, Sewing," for those who care/know what those are), so I'm definitely in. The trial meeting for the "maybes" is next week, and I'm expected to go and make judgements as to WHO(M?) IS WORTHY. Which I feel sort of awkward about, considering I'm completely new.

And now the uploading is finished! Please note: This is most definitely the least good of the Quad N videos. The quality (video, audio, editing, and content) goes nowhere but up from here on out. Note 2: YES, IT IS CHEESY.

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