Saturday, January 1, 2011

Highlights Of 2010

This year, instead of posting an incredibly crappy poem for New Year's, I'm going with a Top 15 (since I am myself 15) list, written in no particular order. I'm sure I left some important stuff out, though, so my bad for that.

1. I finished my first novel, The Clockwork Experiment. Querying began, and has been so far unsuccessful. However, Daphne Unfeasible (aka Kate Testerman) of KT Literary reviewed my query letter, and had good things to say about it.

2. I spent a lot more time with my old friends this year, became closer to the newer ones, and generally had a more-fulfilling social experience in general. Every other Wednesday became the highpoint of my fortnight, both because of evening writing club and because I got to spend the entire afternoon and evening with my best friend, who for the first time since we met in 3rd grade, I was not seeing every day.

3. I read a lot of fantastic books, some of my favorites of the non-rereads being Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, Leviathan, Behemoth, and The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld, The Plot Chickens, and books 7, 8, and 9 of the Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan.

4. I met two authors of some of my favorite books: Orson Scott Card and the aforementioned John Flanagan.

5. I got contacts and a new haircut, both of which I love, despite the fact that I'm not currently wearing the contacts. (I am allowed one purely vain thing on here, right?)

6. I was interviewed on the Office of Letters and Light's blog.

8. I was asked to include some work of mine in a publication, and will be receiving payment for it, providing I get it finished on time and everything works out according to plan.

9. My self-published anthology, Thoughts on Life became available on Amazon.

10. I took Driver's Ed (which sucked majorly), almost died several times (okay, I exaggerate) during the driving portion, but now have my permit and successfully drove somewhere today (I'm writing this on the 30th) without causing any harm other than pissing off the people behind me.

11. I've received over 4000 views on this blog since the Stat feature kicked off, and nearly a quarter of that in this month alone.

12. I was fortunate enough to attend about 5 wizard rock shows this year, which was incredibly awesome. These ranged from 7-band extravaganzas (ROFLCOPTOUR) to intimate Lord of the Rings-watching event with wrock sing-a-long-afterwards house parties. I spent a lot of money on music this year, and don't regret it. I met two of the Five Awesome Girls (Kristina and Lauren) which was, well, awesome.

13. The Quad N and "The Phantom of November" music video went pretty well. I got less views than I expected, but more views than would have been garnered if I hadn't done it. It was an enjoyable experience, and I grew as a filmographer (I don't think that's a word...). Also, I started a book reviewing YouTube channel, which while it only has 3 subscribers last time I checked, I plan to expand and make considerably better within the new year. Also, my Project For Awesome video got good reception from those who watched it.

14. I've done a lot of thinking about a wide variety of topics this year, so I now have a better idea of who I am and what I think and generally know more about myself, which boosts my self-confidence. So that's good. Yay for growing up and all of that.

15. I joined my school's Debate Team (as well as the Club, which are different), and had a fabulous and intellectually and creatively-stimulating time of it, even if my tournament scores didn't reflect my feelings on the event.

Seems pretty dang good for a girl of 15. Here's to hoping next year is even better.

If you want links to any of the other stuff, leave it in a comment and I'll put one in. Thanks for listening to me ramble, rant, and speculate here on Elf Army Writes, and I hope you'll continue to put up with me in 2011. :)


  1. I used the crappy poem method. :( How do you hear about the WRock concerts? I always seem to hear about them right after they're gone. But I agree, it was a good year. :D

  2. I look forward to your ramblings in 2011, as I do every time I get a chance to read blogs. :) I think you are a pretty awesome 15 year old and wish I had as much confidence and talent at 42 that you have at 15. :)

  3. Thanks. However, I think I put up a pretty good facade of confidence. Most of the time I don't feel that way. Or at least I tell myself that I don't.


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