Monday, January 10, 2011

A Milestone

January 6th was an important day.
Not because January 6th is the day on which the magi supposedly arrived in Bethlehem to see Jesus (I saw supposedly because Jesus was born in March, and I can prove it to you).
Not because January 6th is my parents' anniversary.

No, January 6th was an important day this year because it is the first day on which I filled the last page of a journal.

It took me OVER A DECADE to fill it.

The first date marked is around Thanksgiving of 2000 (I was in kindergarten), but there are many pages before that. Here's the first:

After 1st grade, there are big gaps until about 5th grade, in which I draw some monsters and cast the play I wrote for my class. From there on, there's just the occasional entry that I wrote after finding it while looking through my piles of random old stuff.
Then we finally get to 10th grade, where you find all of my English journal entries from the last semester.
I wanted to write something special on the last page, so I ended up mimicking the first.

I'm going to be making a more in-depth video about journals on my YouTube channel, so look there either later today or tomorrow if you want to see it.

In other news, I have recently downloaded the Mac App Store. They have lots of free apps. The one's I've gotten so far:

  • MindNode, which makes gorgeous flow charts. I intend to try using it for plotting, but at the very least it's fun and pretty.
  • SketchBook Express, which is "MS Paint on steroids," according to one of the reviews.
  • Minesweeper
  • YellingRobot, which shouts obscenities at you at regular intervals to make sure you're on task. I haven't actually run it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. (Wait-- I just tried in it, and it only says whatever it tells you to say. Which means it can shout obscenities if I so choose.)
  • ThoughtBack, which is an awesome app that you type random ideas into, and it emails them to you a few weeks later. That way you can actually remember your ideas.
  • Caffeine, which I haven't downloaded, but I thought was funny. While it's running, your computer won't go to sleep or dim its screen.


  1. Wow! Congrats on sticking with your journal! I really enjoyed reading this post. I still have those marble-covered notebooks from grade school when my teacher made me keep one. I love going back and reading them. I think I drew more than I wrote, though. I guess I'll always love accompanying illustrations.

    What I always found so hard about keeping a journal is how long it takes me to write one entry. I've tried over and over periodically. I'd crack open my book and discover that, by time I write the last sentence, that two hours went by. Yikes. I just can't do that, haha.

    The apps you got sound like a lot of fun! I don't have a fancy phone... but is it true that you can put apps on your computer? (I saw the Caffeine description and got excited).

  2. Yeah. These are all for the computer. My phone is the non-smartest phone ever, except for my previous one -lol.


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