Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Semester

I'm sure I've mentioned on here before that my sisters and I eat breakfast by the light of glowsticks on the first day of school. Unfortunately, today was the start of the new semester (all new classes for me, and two new ones for both of them), and I couldn't find the package my parents gave me for Christmas. :(

I had a really great and interesting topic to discuss today, but I have absolutely no idea what it was, so you're going to have to either exit out of the window or read about all of my new classes. Sorry. Really. I would have preferred to write about the other thing.

Started the day off with my first-ever semester of Latin. We have a fish pond in the middle of our classroom. I'm serious. We learned vowel and consonant pronunciation. We have to pay 25 cents to use the bathroom, but he takes the money and throws us a party at the end of the year. While other language classes are based around speaking and listening, ours is mostly about reading (so you see why I'm glad I'm taking it- ha).

Then I got to run all the way across campus to band, and I was surprised at how much I'd missed band class, having barely played my clarinet since June. We didn't actually play any music until about 5 minutes before class was over, but...it was fun. And my new mouth-piece makes my embrasure sound much better than it actually is.

Next was Civics and Economics, which I've heard a lot of conflicting opinions about. It seems like a lot of interesting discussions take place, but I've also heard a lot of complaining about all of the dumb guys in certain classes...(sorry, that's sort of an inside joke-- not that I want to keep it  secret-- you guys just wouldn't find it funny). 
The Honors and Academic-level students are all mixed together, so we have different grade break-downs (tests & quizzes count for more with us Honors kids and classwork more with them) and have to do more of these things called Citizenship Credits-- which are basically mini-projects due at certain times throughout the semester. 

Last was AP Chemistry, the review packet for which my teacher forgot to give me before exams. Fortunately, I'd done enough of her review packets for the Honors Chemistry exam that I'm not too behind except for the memorization of solubility rules and ions and such.

I have to watch the State of the Union Address (one of our main Presidential speeches of the year, for those outside of the U.S.) for C&E tonight, so I'll probably type up some thoughts on that either as I'm watching or tomorrow. Or Thursday, since I'll be baking stuff for you lot tomorrow.

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