Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Golden Rule

Written on 9/10/10

"The symbol of the dragon should always be before them, that mankind seek to accomplish, not to think of sin and penance!" - The Mists of Avalon

I just clicked on a link that Stats said someone had used to find me...and it took me to a Russian porn website. SCARY. I'm assuming that was from a bot or something.

"Freewrite for 8 minutes."

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A great sentiment, an impossible ideal, and an inconsistent motto.
It doesn't always work. Yes, the ultimate rule of moral goodness fails sometimes. It's the reason lots of people in my class, as they are now, should never be in charge of education. We've all heard it. The teacher says "If you could change anything about school, what would it be?" and they say "No homework! School only 4 days a week! Half days every day!"
If they were to follow the GR in that case, no one would learn anything and if all of those things came true, there aren't enough days in a year to make up for the lost time, even if we didn't have summer vacation.
It also becomes an issue when interacting with my more..."well-brought-up" family members. There are some things I'm totally fine with and don't find rude at all, but if/when I do them, they would be extremely offended. This has gotten me into heaps of trouble. I do exactly what I would have them do unto me...and then I'm the disappointment. Mhm.
This being the case, I think the Golden Rule needs some modification. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is too situation-specific when followed in the traditional sense. What we need is more of a "respect others as you would have them respect you." Then you respect what they find offensive, and they (hopefully) respect your wishes as well. If only that were so easy to do.

I also found a website via some other blog I follow where the goal is to compile sets of clothing...and I made one for The Clockwork Experiment's main character. Yes, I was bored. Here we are:

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