Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sorry. I get excited about stats. Especially when they belong to my blog. Because now Blogger displays your stats. 

For instance, in the past 2 hours, this blog has been viewed by someone in FINLAND and CHINA, plus one from the US, which was probably me, because I click "view blog" after each post. But I've set it to not count me anymore.

Today alone, I have had views from the US (15), Canada (1), Denmark (1), China and Finland (both 1) the UK (1), Mexico (1), and Malaysia (also 1). Expanding it to "this week" adds a view each from Germany and Russia. "This month" adds Bulgaria, Taiwan, and Latvia. "All time" adds Japan and Australia.

I guess I'm not as isolated in my viewership as I thought while speculating about Peter Wiggin.

I can see which BROWSERS people are using the view the blog. I can see from which sites they found it, and even by which KEY WORDS ON GOOGLE they used.

(Funny fact: the one Google search used today was "I'm in love and it hurts.")

People are finding this blog via other blogs I've posted on (see? This is why I always include this link under "website.")

All I can say to this, other than all of that stuff I've already said, is this:


The most-viewed posts are "Fear" and "On Hot Guys (haha)" to which I would like to add another "haha" for it being one of the most-viewed posts. I expect whoever read that (other than you followers) was rather disappointed I didn't include any pictures.

Okay, enough about me being self-obsessed. Let's have some quotes from The Mists of Avalon.

"It is the belief of mankind which shapes the world, and all of reality."

"They asked about Igraine's child, and talking about...the charm of laying a priest's mass book in the cradle against the rickets. 'It is bad food which causes rickets,' Igraine said. 'My sister, who is a healer-priestess, told me that no child who is suckled for two full years by a healthy mother ever suffers from rickets, but only if it is given to an ill-nourished wet nurse or weaned too soon and fed on gruel.' 'I call that foolish superstition,' Gwyneth said. 'The mass book is holy and efficient against all illnesses, but particularly those of little children.'"

"I do not think the priests of Christ no any more of what comes after death than do any other mortal men."

"They tell us in the temple that true joy is found only in freedom from the Wheel that is death and rebirth, that we must come to despise earthly joy and suffering, and long only for the peace of the presence of the eternal. Yet I love this life on Earth, Morgan, and I love you with a love that is stronger than death, and if sin is the price of binding us together, life after life across the ages, then I will sin joyfully and without regret..."

This book, despite being incredibly long (I'm on page 73 now out of 876), is amazing. 

God, now I'm going to spend the rest of the day clicking "refresh" on the stat page...

Ooh, but the Simpsons reruns are on. Must go do that.

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