Sunday, September 26, 2010


Written 9/17/2010, typed 9/18/2010

"If you could be immortal, would you choose to be?"

What type of immortality are we talking about?

  • Elf Immortality- Live forever unless killed
  • Time Lord Immortality- like Elf except with regeneration
  • Twilight Immortality- CAN be killed, but is extremely difficult
  • Torchwood Immortality- don't age, revive after dying

Question: if Captain Jack doesn't age, you'd think he doesn't change physically. Yet he has varying amounts of stubble throughout the show. 


My answer used to be a resounding yes. Now it's a probably.

This is the question my English teacher made our parents journal about for a few minutes at open house (she made them write!!! See why I love her?).

My dad said something like "Definitely. However, I have no delusions about the personal challenges I'd have to face, but think of the good I could do."

His reasons (well, the paper ones, anyway) are better than mine. I just want to see what humanity ends up doing. Doing good in the world would be a bonus. Sorry.

It's those personal challenges that make me waver, though. Captain Jack is way tougher than me (granted, he also goes through a lot more than I do) and he has issues with handling it.
I could steer clear of a Torchwood-esque place, but if I'm immortal and all of my loved ones are dead...why not do something cool like that? I'd definitely have to find a non-monotonous job, or else I'd go crazy. 

One other requirement for immortality: I must have a "suicide button," or a set of things I must do in order to revoke my immortality. Having it will help me not use it, and I don't know what sorts of horrible things might happen to me in the millennia (heck, MILLIONS of years) to come.

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  1. I always said there was more than one immortality. In real life, I'd say it's to do with your name living forever, or possibly just what you did (like the author of BEOWULF). I'm still thinking over literal immortality: I could see many things and grow much wiser than any mortal, but like Philip Pullman's witches, I would be agonized to see my loved ones pass over and over. Perhaps I would need someone to share my eternal life with...but what if we began to quarrel or even go mad?


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