Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Nicest Rejection Letter

That I have ever received. Not that I've gotten all that many, and not because agents love my work. Mostly because I've only sent out about 10 queries. 
Anyways, I found this in my inbox today, and while it is a rejection letter, it's a very nice one. I can't tell if it's a form with the blanks filled in or if it's hand-done-but-they-say-pretty-much-the-same-thing-anyway. I'm betting it's the first, but I must consider the second due to that thing called Wishful Thinking.

Dear Olivia:

Thank you for your recent query letter.  I appreciate your patience while I’ve considered your project.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I must pass on The Clockwork Experiment.  I represent a very full list of authors and must be highly selective in adding to it.  I realize that it is difficult to judge your potential from a query alone; nevertheless, please know that I give serious attention to every letter, outline, and writing sample that I receive.

Thanks again for thinking of me.  Please accept my best wishes for your project’s success.


 (Agent's name removed)

And I've seen his author list. It is very full. But since he said "I" as opposed to "we," I'm going to send another one to someone else in his agency. Hahaha. What now, agents. What now.

(Stat update: Today someone from Serbia paid this place a visit. That's a big deal because for a second I didn't even remember where Serbia is. And the map wouldn't tell me because it's so small. Then I remembered it's in Europe because it was involved in WW1.)


  1. That would be a Fill-in-the-blanks. Was it hand signed? Or did it just have their name? If it's the former, it is definitely a fill-in-the-blanks. Sorry to squash your dreams. Wait till you get the ALL HAND WRITTEN rejection note, those are pretty cool for rejections, and those mean they actually read and considered your work.

  2. It's email, so neither. I'll be sending out some snail mail ones...soonish.


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