Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zombie Education

Written on 9/9/2010

"A local university has a new class- Zombie 101. Thoughts."

(This journal is more live-action than my previous ones. Also, at the beginning of the post, I thought this was hypothetical.)

It might turn out to be stupid, like our school's Zombie Defense League. The people there were...scary. I didn't go back. However, if a university's running it instead of a bunch of random students, it's probably okay. Even though I think the conventional zombie is impossible, the skills/knowledge taught might be good to know. A better class would be "Hunger Games Survival." (Just imagine the awesomeness.)
The fact that they're offering this course worries me a little, though. Are they experimenting with something that puts us at risk of zombie attacks?
It's probably a class about zombies as a metaphor or studying zombie movies' role in society or something. Although that sounds stupid too. But hey. there's a class based around playing Starcraft, so...
We were just told that this is a real class at a real university. I think that's what she said, anyway.
Maybe it's a psychology class about figurative zombies?
She just said it's a media/literature class. Now it sounds fun. Now I want to know which university it's at...
The prompt wanted my thoughts, so here they are: college sounds awesome, regardless of whether or not the one I go to actually has a zombie class.

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