Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Cool Stuff

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How awesome is this?

As we're reading Lord of the Flies in English, our optional assignment for the weekend is to live as long as possible without knowing what time it is. Some of our clocks are covered up, some are unplugged, and some are set to decidedly incorrect times. My family is awesome for going along with this. It's hard to go anywhere on the Internet (or to watch TV) without getting some sort of hint, though. For instance, the "draft saved at" feature informs me it's a bit after 11. Damn you, convenient features.
It's been quite fun so far, though.

Also, considering that I meant to get this stuff done in August, I'm finally re-starting work on some of the secret projects that have to be finished by varying dates in the next month. This involves major homework procrastination.


  1. Okay, so, THIS WILL BE CREEPY but don't judge me! :D
    I saw that you commented on Kristina's post, saying you're from North Carolina. DO YOU LIVE HERE, TOO?! Because I'm from North Carolina! I live in Winston! There aren't many nerdfighters around here, so YAY NERDFIGHTERS!
    Anyway. I will now be following your blog. Because I am creepy. (But not really, just mostly excited about there being a nerdfighter from NC!)

  2. Yeah, I do! I'm in Cary (which is just outside of Raleigh). There's actually a whole bunch of us (well, wizard rock fans- I assume NFs as well) here. The Blibbering Humdingers used to have a store called Camelot Treasures, which is now closed, but there's still lots of wrock shows and stuff.


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