Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Hot Guys (haha)

"It's to see without looking,
to read without words,
to feel deeper than just the surface,
to do the impossible." response to the question "What is love?" by Cavalier on the Nerdfighter forums.

There were what, 10 of us at the meeting tonight? I think that's probably a record.

Emily, can you send me/post in a comment the rules for that type of poem you read? I want to try writing one.

The only downside about having so many people is that not everyone gets to read. It's great to hear different opinions on stuff, but it's also nice to have a lot of stuff to give opinions about. And now my stack of un-read ARCs has grown to 4 books high.

So Delaney and Sarah Gray are in favor of the Generic Hot Guy. Which, I agree, is sexist. But who doesn't like the Generic Hot Person of the Opposite Sex? It's just that some of us feel bad about it, and others don't see anything wrong with it. At least, that's my perception. (On a related note, I read yesterday about a phenomenon known as the "Edward Cullen High," a term which I thought was hilarious. It's the same thing as what my dad calls "Twilightus.")

But as we discussed two meetings ago, fiction has an effect on real life. If we demote guys to nothing but Hot or Not So Much, then that's bad, even if it's only consciously in terms of fictional ones. It's important to remember that other people are people like ourselves, as opposed to An Attractive Piece of Flesh And Nothing More. While they're enjoyable in fiction (as we the readers don't actually have to interact with them), in terms of real life, it's not as appealing.

And speaking of which, the "I think you should mention that the only person she identifies with is a hot guy" comment in reference to my query letter, was definitely true. And also funny. So good for you.

And there's my segway into the part about myself. I'm glad that all of you thought the query letter was pretty good. That makes me feel loads better. In fact, for my readers who I don't know IRL, I'll post it for you to take a crack at it as well. Look for that...soon.
I'll be sending out the next batch of e-queries tomorrow morning, then. It'll give me a valid excuse for not working on my essay. And if none of those tests come back positive, I'll start in on the snail mail ones in September or so. 

All of my other projects or sort of in a "I Don't Know Where I'm Going Mode" as my one sister decided to drop out of all of them. So now I'm not exactly sure what to do. But I fully intend to finish them in one shape or another.


  1. The hot guy quote for the query letter who said that? I think I might have said it, but I'm not sure.

    I'm disappointed that I didn't get to read the sequel to If Lightning Strikes as I wanted Beth(is that her name)'s opinion on it.

    The hot guy stuff was sexist but you do have a point. I am not going to deny that I think certain actress are cute. But I like to think that I can see past good looks and judge people and characters based on personality.

  2. Yeah, you said it.
    I wish you'd gotten a chance to read it as well- I really liked If Lightning Strikes.

    And your last sentence of your last paragraph was what I intended to put into this post (along with a few other things) but forgot.


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