Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Query, and A New Blog (?)

Being lonely can have funny effects on people.
Some people cry. Some people do the smart thing and find some friends to hang out with. Some people go out and do stupid stuff. Some people bury themselves in a book or a TV show they love. Some people do other stuff, and I'm including them just so certain people don't bother me about grouping them in with a category to which they don't belong.
But all of them have something in common: They're lonely. They want a sign of love and acceptance from someone outside of themselves.

So what did I do, when bereft of email replies? I sent out another query. Just one. And it made me feel better. I'm weird.

I also just checked the last rejection letter I received, and she was presented with both a synopsis and sample pages. The first two chapters are awesome. This bothers me. Oh well. Her loss, right?

This agency wants 
  • "brilliant, funny, original middle grade and young adult fiction, both literary and commercial
  • witty women’s fiction"
I think Clockwork fits into the first category, and I'm really not sure what the second one is. I'm a woman (well, female, anyway. It depends on your definition of woman), and the book is witty (at least, I think so), and I wrote it specifically for an audience consisting of Mes and Variations Thereof. I'm a girl who likes sci-fi. It is a sci-fi book for girls. 
So even, because they didn't specifically mention sci-fi, they are listed as a "Maybe" on my spreadsheet, I don't think this one's any more of a long shot than any of the other agencies I've written to.

It occurs to me that I write an awful lot of sentences beginning with "So," "And," and "But," considering I'm a writer who pays attention to grammar. This might be a problem- especially if certain people (*cough* agents *cough*) find their way here. Also, this blog is rather unprofessional considering that it was originally intended to be mostly-so. Perhaps I should create a new one for professional-y things. Change this one to "Elf Army Blogs" and make a new "Elf Army Writes." Thoughts?


  1. I don't's a tough thing to discuss. I believe in blogging yourself, which shows off your style *but* we do have to be careful in what we write about in such a public forum.

    For instance, I write very little about my work life. I have so many stories to share about it, but I've already been zapped about a few entries (that I haven't deleted, BTW) that were deemed inappropriate. On. My. Personal. Blog.

    And I know that some of the older generation of folks look at Facebook pages to review potential employees.

    So there is substance to what you say, about a professional blog vs. something else. I get it. It still seems off-putting and somewhat a sellout, but the truth is, you need to do what you think is right for your future.

  2. That's the point: I don't know what to think.
    ONE article said professionalism was important on a blog...but that's just one.
    So I think for now I'll keep going the way things are, but I'll be ready for change if it needs to happen.


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