Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waiting For School (*cough* MOCKINGJAY *cough*)

“Hank, I know it doesn’t feel this way all the time but we get to choose what we care about and what we spend our resources on. We choose what, or ideally whom, to lust after. We choose what to watch, what to like, what to build, how to spend, the breaths that we’ve been allotted; and the fact that many of our choices are unconscious - get that handbag, get that Starbucks, look at that Snooki - does not make us in any way less responsible for those choices. I’m happiest when I’m part of a community that feels like it helps me choose more intelligently and with greater empathy.” - John Green

I really did intend to resist the urge to write a post today. After all, I have more posts than there are days in the month, and that's a bit too much.

Except then I found that quote, and something else happened. No, it wasn't anything spectacular. I know it sounds exciting when I put it like that.

Summer break is almost over, and, while I'm excited for school and to see all of the people I haven't hung out with all summer, I'm trying to find good ways to spend the last days of freedom I have.
This has included playing a decade-old game that I have played since it was out and love to pieces. And watching a rather large amount of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (we're mid-way into season 2- just met Spike and then Xander fell for a mummy).

It has also included going over to Barnes and Noble and buying a copy of The Hunger Games. I own Catching Fire already. I decided to re-read them both before I arrive at our meeting on Wednesday, because I will be buying Mockingjay then. Buying that book on the first day of school is not good (I might neglect my homework...), but I can't wait any longer than that. Well, I could, but I don't want to.
I read my dad chapter 1 and most of chapter 2 at the store/in the car, but now I think I'll have to take off on my own, because I know he won't want to read it every second that I do, plus I read faster in my head (who doesn't?).

Besides, with school and that book to read, maybe I won't blog so much and the calendar can have a chance to catch up with my post count.

Time to go eat some waffles. Do any of you ever have breakfast for dinner?


  1. My friend has been telling me about Hunger Games. I might have to break down and read the series. The "book jacket summary" is not really of exciting interest to me but Harry Potter isn't either and I am venturing to book 2 with anticipation!

    I'm also watching Buffy. Not regularly. I want to find out what is so amazing about it. Granted, I've watched a few episodes through the years but I never caught the fever. I was a fan of the movie.

    Funny about breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is my favorite meal of all time. I love eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, grits, etc. etc. I'm not a big sweet stuff for breakfast kind of person...but I remember, early in my marriage, fixing my husband and I omelets for dinner. I don't recall anything other than some sentiment that he was not a big breakfast for dinner kind of a guy. So I never did anything like that again...and then, Tuesday after our Maroon 5 concert? We stop at The Diner (24 hour diner, serving breakfast all day/night) and he orders a waffle. A waffle? I almost laid in to him right then and there about his 'no breakfast for dinner' but he feigned ignorance and I let it go.

    So yes, I love breakfast for dinner, lunch and, imagine this: breakfast. :)

  2. Breakfast for breakfast? Really? Wow, I never would have guessed.
    I often tell my dad that just because I can read by myself now doesn't mean we can't still read together, and I read him the first few chapters of The Hunger Games yesterday. I finished it this morning, but we're going to finish it again together after Mockingjay comes out.


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