Friday, August 27, 2010

Colorful English (haha)

So I was procrastinating from my homework and thinking about what to blog about today while checking my Google Reader, and I found this in the "Nerdfighter Secrets" feed.
Background: Esther Earl was a 16 year old girl with cancer who was rather important to the Nerdfighter community. I never watched her videos or anything, but a lot of people did. It struck me how nerdy it is that of all the things to say in a mourning secret, that person most wanted her to have read Mockingjay. That book must be good. I'm starting it either very late tonight (after Twelfth Night) or very early tomorrow morning.

But moving on. 

English. English. English. English. English. God, I love that class. As of right now, every single morning of the entire semester we will have a quote or some other topic on the board at the beginning of class. We are to journal about this quote for 5-7 minutes without stopping. 

This means I get to write blog posts in school EVERY DAY.

Sure, it's on paper instead of online, but I'm definitely going to be typing most of them up. On the first day I had some difficulty. Yesterday had a good topic. But today, I thought to myself "pretend you are blogging." And I did. And it turned out very well. 
These journals are completely private unless we choose to share them. The only grade is on completion. I will be sharing most of them with you.
And I don't even need to think about topics anymore. They are flowing straight into my arms and then the words come out. This is most excellent, although I'm worried I'll keep coming up with things to write about OUTSIDE of school and then your boxes will be overflowed with my thoughts every day. If that happens, I'm sorry.

I am going to type up the first of these immediately after posting this.

But here's an interesting thought a friend of mine and I were talking about today:

What if we can all agree on which color is, say, purple, but we actually perceive it differently? What if the thing I call purple is what you perceive as yellow? How could you possibly know? Obviously, stuff like "you know, purple! The color of grapes and plums!" wouldn't work, because they would have their own perception of plums.
And things like "bright" vs. "dark" and "warm colors" vs. "cool colors" wouldn't work either, because we're taught that certain things are warm colors and certain things are bright. I assume white/gray/black would be the same for everyone, though.


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