Friday, August 20, 2010

He Might Have To Reconsider

Got another rejection letter today, this time from an entire agency as opposed to one agent. :(
And then my mom said "Maybe it's not the query letter. Maybe it's the story. Maybe it's just too much like other stuff."
This is not the kind of stuff I need to hear from my mother, and I told her as much. I said "That's the kind of stuff that torments me late at night. You do not need to say it."
She thinks she's being realistic and helpful, but really it just depresses me and makes me worry even more than normal about the quality of the book. She hasn't read any of it.
Trying to keep my hopes from getting too high is one thing. But crushing my dreams (yeah, I'm exaggerating) is quite another.
However, I can't actually take it personally or be upset at her, because she really is just trying to help me feel better and be supportive and stuff.
But honestly. If I'm worried about the quality of my query letter, you don't tell me my plot might suck in hopes of making me feel better. It's like stabbing someone to take their mind off the pain of their minor headache. Except I'm exaggerating again.

I also read the worst fan fic ever. It was sent to me by my friend with the note that people only read it simply because it's terrible.
And oh boy was it ever.
My list of specific things in the first 22 chapters (they're short, and I was sort of sucked into the bad-ness. I stopped after 22.) could go on for pages. 

And for the Doctor Who fans...
I put a comment on one of wizard rocker Alex Carpenter's YouTube videos telling him that it had occurred to me that I could see him and Captain Jack Harkness as a couple. Then I apologized because that was kind of a weird thing to say. His reply was this:

"I'm pretty straight, but for captain jack...i might have to reconsider...haha"

Haha indeed, Alex. (*cough* I KNEW IT *cough*)
I thought it was funny, anyways.

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