Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wizard Rock and Windows vs. Mirrors

“Gentlemen, nerd girls are the world’s greatest underutilized romantic resource.” - John Green

Audrey and I (and Emily and I) often listen to wizard rock when we go on trips together, so Audrey's mom knows about it. On Thursday, I went out to lunch with them and another 3rd grade teacher (Audrey's mom teaches 3rd grade at the elementary school. That's how we met.), and the subject of wizard rock came up. 
My mom, when I told her about it afterwards, mentioned the possibility of telling students about wizard rock. I asked her is she would use it if I made her a playlist of age-appropriate Harry Potter songs for elementary school students. She said probably not, but to do it anyway.
That's what I'm doing now, but I've run into a problem; What kind of music do elementary school students like? Not genre of music, but content. Elementary schoolers don't date, but a lot of Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift's music is about love, and they're popular with elementary schoolers. So is it just that if the musician is popular then lots of them automatically love their music?
This is a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

In Paper Towns (at least, I think it's Paper Towns), there's some mentions of Window People vs. Mirror People. People that show you things about the world vs. people that show you things about yourself.
Well, last night around 10:30, I was shutting down my laptop and was about to go to bed, when I looked out my window, and saw my reflection illuminated by the light from my computer screen. I was a window person, and a mirror person.
Which made me think about how maybe everyone is a window person except sometimes we block our own view of the window, forcing them to become a mirror.
Apparently more things are about ego than I thought.
I spend a lot more time looking out the window than into the mirror, as do, I'd wager, most/all of you. What does that say about us? That we know enough about ourselves that we can turn our attentions to the world? Or that we just think the outside world is far more interesting? Self-knowledge or self-deprecation? I lean towards the first one, but I also think this matter is very gray, and therefore both sides have merit. Thoughts?

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