Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Personal Updatey Things

I just got a new prescription for my contacts, so hopefully I'll be able to read well again soon (I can read. It's just harder.)

After the doctor yesterday I had to go get an X-ray on my spine because there's some curvature, but I'm only telling you that as background. While I was in the waiting area, I saw a basket that said "WARNING: Biohazard Linens." What? Are the clothes radioactive? There was a set of pajama-esque clothes already in the changing room I used that the lady stuck in that bin before I changed into mine. I want to know what's so Biohazard-y about them.

Part 1 of the Secret Thing will hopefully be finished today, I started my essay, and Part 2 will hopefully begin on Thursday. But my cousins are coming for a few days on their way to the beach, so things might get thrown off schedule.

Not knowing my schedule for school is driving me crazy. There's only about 14 more days.

Read this. It's a really interesting short story-thing that one of my favorite wizard rockers (also a member of ALL CAPS) wrote.

My neighbors' baby was born today! It's a boy (I'd hoped it was a girl). As of two and a half hours ago, the three other boys were on their way to the hospital to help finalize the name. Liz (the mom) was having some unexplained pain, so I'm glad they're both all right.

I guess that's it. I thought there were more interesting things for me to say.

Oh, and a quote: "The symmetries of the subatomic realm are but remnants of the symmetry of higher-dimensional space." - Michio Kaku

I thought it was beautiful, even though it's about physics. :)


  1. I think they put the gowns in a biohazard bin after people wear them because they don't know what's on them from the patients...kind of gross.

  2. Well, yes, the laundry of course. But BIOHAZARD?


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