Sunday, August 8, 2010

So Much To Do And So Little Time

“Fiction is the only way I can even begin to twist my lying memories into something true.”

John Green

It's never a good sign when I post a quote in the morning. I try to only have one post per day if that, but usually when I post a quote in the morning I end up with a few other things to say by the end of the day.

I have four things I am working on that I would prefer to have finished by the time school starts on August 25th.

1. My entrance essay for the World Food Prize Symposium Youth Program Thing (due on Sept. 1st - probably won't finish in time as I haven't even started researching)
2. A lullaby CD for my neighbors' unborn baby (she went into labor 8 weeks early while I was at the beach. They gave her drugs to stop it, and now she's confined to bed for a couple days).
3. Something I'm Not Telling You Yet But Is Pretty Awesome. It involves my entire family, so it's difficult to work on. I should be researching for my essay now, and then one of my sisters and I are going to go work on it. You'll find out what it is in about 3 months.
4. A series of videos for our fake news program that will be airing on YouTube in October.

Despite the fact that the essay is the one due the soonest, it's the one I'm least likely to work on today. I suppose that's because it's not nearly as fun as the others. 

And I only have 5 hours left to work on all of this stuff because we're having a neighborhood part at 4. 


  1. I need to write an essay as well. Mine is about why education's for a scholarship. I'll probably enjoy writing it, but like you said, there are so many things that would be more fun.

  2. Yeah, exactly. Once my sisters refused to work on The Thing with me until I did some research, I found a great and interesting article and started to enjoy myself. It's also great that I get to watch YouTube for research (I plan on starting an Uncultured Project marathon, as my essay's about humanitarian relief efforts in Bangladesh).
    Your essay sounds fascinating.


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