Saturday, August 14, 2010

A True Nerdfighter

While the real definition is a lot more complicated, the inside definition of a nerdfighter is: someone who is made of awesome.

My grandma is made of awesome. She's not a nerdfighter by the real definition (other than the decreasing worldsuck part), but by that one? The most nerdfightastic person I know, as well as the kindest, most caring, peaceful, and loving person I've ever met. Not to mention that she's really skilled, smart, and knowledgeable.

As some of you know, I gave my grandparents the free proof copy of a compilation of a variety of things I wrote over the past two years. I read a poem from it at their 50th Anniversary party in July. Today I received a package from her.

She painted them. The book at the bottom contains the most eloquent and beautifully-worded letter I've ever received, about the contents of the book I gave her. I maintain that if writing talent is hereditary, I got mine from her. Not only does she write unbelievably heart-felt letters (real letters. Not email like most people would. And she does use email, too), but the writing itself is gorgeous. She can use such powerful imagery, but it doesn't sound forced or cheesy. It sounds normal.
Also in the box, which you can't see, is a spring of rosemary with the attached quote "Rosemary- that's for remembrance." - William Shakespeare. She also included a check.

I don't even deserve her praise, much less that amazing letter, much less the other stuff, much less money. Honestly, I'm not worth it, and my writing's not great enough to warrant that (yet I want people to pay to buy my books...that makes sense. It's not worth her money. Just everyone else's. haha) Want to know what the money's going towards? Postage, for my snail mail queries.

And she's going to read this, because I'm going to send her the link, and include it in my next compilation book for her. So, thanks, Grandma. Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for all of the stuff you sent. Thanks for never forgetting to be awesome.

And now I'm done being emotional. Time to watch some more Buffy or something (we just finished episode 7 of season 1).

And thanks to you guys, for putting up with my sentimentality. :)

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