Sunday, August 8, 2010

Famous People

Wow, my third post today. This must be some sort of personal record. Sorry, guys for clogging your feed collectors, whichever one it is that you use.

The Five Awesome Girl videos this week have been about meeting people in real life that you met online.

Liane was saying that some people are different IRL than they are online, and I was wondering whether or not I am one of those people. I think the me in my YouTube videos is a lot more boring and awkward (except for the ones where I'm acting. Those are just awkward. ha.) and I really never know what to talk about. So I've pretty much stopped vlogging. Sarah's the funny one, but she has no interest in vlogging.

Blog-wise, I like to think that I'm very much more myself. Of course, I'm far more articulate because I can take as long as I want to write a post, and get to think about and edit what I'm saying. Plus, there isn't the added pressure of someone listening to me and waiting for me to finish what I'm trying to say. So maybe in this case I'm more me than I really am, if that makes any sense. More of me makes it into the world, anyway.

All of the wizard rockers I've seen in real life I haven't really talked to much (my conversation with Stephanie Anderson of Tonks and the Aurors, for instance, consisted of "oh, sorry," when she bumped into me, and me saying "No, it's okay." The only thing I've said to Matt Maggiacomo of the Whomping Willows is "Sorry" when I was standing in his way and he said "excuse me," and also "no, just looking" when he asked if he could help me find something at the merch table. I had a short conversation with Kristina Horner about Parselmouths CDs, and made a lame attempt at being funny with Luke Conard when I asked him to sign my CD. See? These encounters don't count.)

And the only person I've properly met IRL that I originally met online doesn't count because I never had much of a conversation with him online before we met, and meeting was sort of accidental and would have happened regardless of our online interaction, as we had some of the same classes at school and had a mutual friend.

I guess meeting John Flanagan would have been awkward (well, actually I never would have had a conversation with him in the first place) if not for my dad, because he can talk to almost anyone with very little trouble. After he (my dad) brought up Clockwork, I didn't have a problem talking to Mr. Flanagan about it.

So...yes and no, and mostly just because I'm shy. At the heart of it all, people are just people. And the "famous" people I talk to actually have a lot in common with me, so they seem more like people than say, an actor who's made multiple millions of dollars in Hollywood.


  1. I've never met someone that I met online, so I can't speak to that aspect. However, I do think I'm more "me" when I'm blogging than in real life.

  2. I've met a few famous and somewhat famous people, but the only two I've had good-sized conversations with were Ed Beard, Jr. (you met him, did you not?) and Cory Doctorow. Both awesome people, both as people and as artist and author.

    PS--I completely agree about vlogging.


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