Sunday, August 15, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

"Sometimes I want to hide from myself, but how can I if I don't know who I am?" - taken from the margins of a certain copy of Paper Towns. Not mine, as I don't actually have one (surprised, yes?).

I want to write a post, so I'm going to use one of the topics I've been sort of saving for later, as I usually have something else to talk about.

It's getting to be that time of year again, and no, I'm not talking about Christmas. Although Christmas is good in and of itself. (That was a dumb joke. Christmas isn't even for another 4 months.)

School is starting in ten days.

As I said at the beginning of the summer, I blog a lot more in the summer, because I have more time to think, and more time to find interesting quotes. Even though I don't go looking for them- they just come to me, usually through Google Reader.

So you'll be hearing from me less. But what will it do to my writing? I haven't been doing much since I finished editing Clockwork back in June. I often write when I'm bored and in class, but I don't know what classes I'll have first semester yet, as our schedules will be posted on Tuesday. There'll be homework. I'll have less time to devote to my other projects. And November's coming. And you probably won't be hearing from me at all then.

Last year, although I had 3 honors classes first semester, wasn't too bad. I got all of my homework done at my grandma's (my other grandma- not the one from my last post), so I could devote all of my time at home in the evenings to writing (although it didn't usually take the entire evening to get to 1667 words for the day).
But this year...I'm probably taking an extra honors class (well, two, but band doesn't count), so I'm DEFINITELY going to have three first semester. And there will probably be loads more homework. I got off easy last year. 
We're going to stay with my grandparents' best man in Williamsburg with my cousins for a weekend and go to the parks and the colonial exhibit. That takes up an entire weekend. I'll have a newborn cousin. With both of my sisters also trying, I'll have to do more chores because Mom won't be making them do it and letting me off.
If I thought last year was bad, this one will be far worse difficulty-wise. But I fell asleep thinking about Ishaera last night, so I know I'm going to start strong. Let's hope I can keep it up throughout the month.

And what's my driving motivation this year, other than writing another novel? I want another code, so I can give my grandparents another book. But I also need to be producing material for that, because I don't have my entire past to draw on anymore.

So why am I blogging when I could be trying to lighten my load for November? That's a good question.


  1. .....I'm deffinitly suprised you don't own a copy of Paper Towns, even though I'm sure you've told me at one point or another....I like that quote and I agree with it.

    (this is Audrey by the waaay. I'm lurking in your blogs XD)

  2. You think you have it bad? I plan to participate in it this year despite the fact that a) I've never written anything longer than 30 pages b) I almost never finish any of my stories and c) I'll be out of town for thanksgiving week

  3. Just because I have it bad doesn't mean you don't as well.
    And YOU can do your schoolwork whenever you want.


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