Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Quote

Here's a quote from For The Win:

After a few paragraphs about our early-primate ancestors (in here referred to as monkeys) organizing in order to get more stuff done...

"The neo-cortex is in charge of keeping track of the monkeys. It's the part of your brain that organizes people, checls in on them, falls in love with them, establishes enmity with them. It's the part of your brain that gets thoroughly lit up when you play with Facebook or other social networking sites, and it's the part of your brain that houses the local copies of the people in your life. It's where the voice of your mother telling you to brush your teeth comes from." - Cory Doctorow, For The Win Page 231.

Those last two sentences could have come straight from his speech when he came to school to talk to us. He believes that we don't care about real people- we care about the versions of those people that live inside our heads. Usually, when something happens to the real person, the same thing happens to the copy, but not always. That ties back to what I was saying earlier about people getting angry when others don't conform to what they think they are/should be. Or when they don't act exactly like the person who's angry.

Which I think is a fascinating concept.

Also, on a more personal level:

When I started brushing my teeth without being told, was that a sign of maturity, or was it just because my neo-cortex has further developed via my increased usage of social networking sites that began in 6th grade? It's mostly kicked off in the last year, and I don't know exactly when I started willingly brushing my teeth...

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