Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Query Shark

Today I went to The directions on how to submit a query for commentary (for those who don't know, Query Shark is a blog where prospective clients send queries, and the Shark tells them how to make the letters themselves better) read as follows:

BEFORE you send your query to the Shark do these things:

1. Read all the entries on the blog.

2. Make notes on what you read that you did not know.
3. Revise your query using the notes.
4. Let the query sit for a week. 
5. Revise again.

...and so on.

 I started reading the entries. Now I'm feeling very, very paranoid about the quality of my letter. I think it's good, but is it? And the people I sent it to are just people who were in my CW class and revised the letter the first time. They don't have any more experience than I do, so what do they know that I don't?
I'm thinking about sending it to my CW teacher...but maybe not. Of course, if the topic came up in class, he would probably say something like "Of course, I've never been published, so what do I know?".

I sent the poem at the end of Clockwork to my grandma (she enjoys reading my poetry) and she wants me to read it at her and my grandpa's 50th anniversary picnic (have I said that on here before?). She says it applies to their marriage. Well, any marriage.
When I wrote that poem a year or two ago, I didn't intend it to apply to marriage, but okay. And I just found out half an hour ago or so that she read it to some random people at a drumming circle she went to.
The poem certainly applies to me, in a more abstract way. This whole getting published process is...scary. I don't know anything. Well, at least it feels that way. Obviously I know some things, seeing as how I've gotten this far. Maybe I should go read it and remind myself that I only need to go on Amazon to see exactly how well these paths are trodden. It's not like some people are born knowing exactly how to do it.

All of you should watch this video:
It's amazing.

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