Monday, June 28, 2010

Subconscious Roots

I was just reading over my posts on my English class' forum regarding the quote "Ignorance is bliss." (Yes, I know I never posted the rest of that conversation like I promised. Sorry.)

And guess what I found: I found several paragraphs about true happiness (of course, you guys might not have finished The Clockwork Experiment yet, so you wouldn't know what that has to do with anything).

So that's where that came from.

See, I realized that I have a NaNoWriMo-originating CreateSpace code for a free copy of...something. So I've compiled a book of poems and short stories and non-fiction (including a few of my blog posts) to give to my grandma. So that's why I was looking at them.


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  2. HELLO BOT NUMBER THREE. It's good to see you. Not really.
    As I told the other one, I'm already quite good at positive thinking and meditation.
    If my blog's so "extremely great," how about you read some of it instead of advertising to me?
    Thanks again! :)


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