Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hurry Up, Guys. :D

I blog a lot. And now you're thinking something along the lines of "Well duh you have almost as many posts in June as there have been days in the month so far!"
Now, see, about that. I'm off of school for the summer, so I've been at home a lot more, and working on Clockwork a lot more, and thinking a lot more, so I have a lot more to say.

I saw a private street called "Awesome Street" today. Seriously. It's not on Google Maps though. I checked.

"Every breath I take brings me closer to my last, but if I stop breathing, death will come all the more swiftly."

Yesterday, I believe it was, I finished a round of editing and decided it was in a good enough condition at this point that I finally sent it to all of you in writing club. If you didn't receive it, that is a problem. Tell me if that happened. I also sent a revised edition of my query letter to the people who gave me feedback on it originally.

So today, I wasn't sure what to do from 9 to 12, as I don't really want to go back through for another editing swipe until you people have sent me comments and suggestions. I spent some of that time eating breakfast. Then I spent an hour (yes, an entire hour) converting italicized words to underlined words. I believe that is how agents and editors like manuscripts.
Then I shut down my computer and finished my breakfast and wished you lot would hurry up. I mean, 400 pages can be read in like five minutes, right? What's the hold up?

Well, regardless of how long it takes you, I hope you enjoy it.

My progress through For The Win is astonishingly slow, considering that I'm enjoying it.

That's about it. I could go on for awhile longer, but none of the things I could tell you are relevant, so I suppose I'll log off and wait for the new Doctor Who episode to be posted. I'll leave you with a link to a fascinating YouTube video:


  1. Italics are much better than underlined in a manuscript. But there should'nt be any differentiation in font unless that part is someone's thoughts or you're showing a differentiation in time or you're empasizing something, but then again you wouldn't empasize whole blocks of text- unless however it comes at the top of the page at the beginning of the chapter and is not directly a part of the narrative or if it is an author sidenote in a footnote. Just thought I'd mention =]

  2. Once it's typeset, yes, of course, but don't they prefer it to be underlined when they're reading? (PLEASE TELL ME THEY DO!!!!! I don't want to spend another hour undoing all of my hard work from yesterday!!)

  3. I started writing this and closed the page before I could type in the code to post! ACK!

    My goal, when I originally started blogging three years ago, was to post at least once a day. I mean, something always happens in a day, or I can write something about my past, or thoughts for the future...but I think I've only managed to accomplish that goal twice in three years. It's still my goal thought :)!

    Let's hope you don't have to redo your work. I don't know *anything* about the specifics of being published...GOOD LUCK!

  4. I immediately went to Google after I wrote that comment. I'm safe.
    And once I'm on my other computer, I'll send it to you as well.


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