Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Pains of Editing

School is nearly over. I only have two more exams to take, and then I'm free until the end of August.
Most of the time, I'm very excited about that. However, this year has been so awesome, I'm sometimes rather sad.

But anyways. On to the topic of this post.

Sometimes I like editing Clockwork. It's even better when I have the pages printed out and I get to attack them with a pen.
But there are lots of downsides.

  • Except for the occasional added paragraph, it's not really writing. It's fixing. It's not terribly creative. 
  • It's tedious. I have to read every single sentence and pay attention to them. I have to mess with punctuation.
  • I'm reading the story...but I can't enjoy it as much as a different book, since I'm paying attention to the infrastructure of the building as opposed to the art covering the walls.
  • It's slow.
  • I have to take out fantastic bits of imagery just because they don't make sense in the context of the story. There's this one part where this one sentence makes me think "Oooh." But I had to remove it. Actually, I already did, and when I got to that part this time through, I was terribly disappointed that it wasn't there. Then I remembered why I'd removed it. I'll have to find a way to fit it into a different story.

Okay. My time of complaining is over. I will either go back to work or eat lunch.

This is me learning about actually being a professional writer. This is me finding out what I'm getting into. It should be interesting to people who have published books already. Unfortunately, to everyone else, it's probably just a tad annoying. Oh well.

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