Monday, June 7, 2010

CW Exam

Last night I had a dream that during my Creative Writing exam (which I took today), Dumbledore walked in and told us that for his Headmaster National Boards (NBs are these things that teachers do to get more money), he had to write a song, but he didn't feel like writing a song, so he'd gone down to the band room to get the jazz band to write him the music, and he wanted us to write the lyrics. So we did, because our teacher didn't make him leave. So by the end of the exam period, I only had about half a paragraph written.

These are the kind of dreams I have when I'm nervous about something.

My actual exam consisted of me sitting in a chair for 3 hours...writing. I had to write an elevator pitch, a query, a 1-2 page synopsis, and the first chapter of my "current (imaginary) WIP." I wrote about Ishaera.
I happen to be rather pleased with how the first chapter turned out. I now need to find a way to get it back from Mr. Nantz... after he's graded it, of course.
My hand was very cramped afterwards.

Thought of the day: Confidence is important.

That thought was gained by means of my sister's piano recital last night.


  1. Excellent. What's an elevator pitch?

  2. It's what you say when you meet an agent in an elevator (or some other place in which there is very little time to talk) and they say "What's your book about?"


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