Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lodger & Voice & Some Artwork

I just watched "The Lodger," and I was very pleased with it. I haven't been liking this season of Doctor Who so much since the angels episodes, but I thought this one was great. It broke free of the normal mold of an episode (at least a little), and showed off the Doctor's quirks. Normally we're used to his oddities, as we see him all the time, but when compared so closely with "normal" humans, the differences were more apparent.

I'll be bringing the first chapter of the rewrite of Ishaera to the meeting tomorrow (the one I wrote for my CW exam). I got a 93 on the exam (have I mentioned that on here?), which isn't bad, and I got lots of good feedback from my teacher.

I hate when people talk about the "voice" of a story or novel. I know it's important, but the term is so vague. When you're writing in first person, the voice sort of comes naturally, assuming you're good at sticking to your character's personality. Third person is a bit harder, as the darkly sardonic writer will sneak in little snide comments that don't belong there and other such things. Not that that doesn't happen in 1st person, but I think it's less prone to occur.
I'm subscribed to this blog called "SF Writers," and the most recent post was about voice, and the differences between sci-fi and fantasy when it comes to voice. (On a semi-related note: what the heck is a space opera?)
Is voice pacing? Is voice the personality of the narration? Is it both?

Here's a picture I created back in November when I first started writing Clockwork. I used it as my "cover art" on the NaNoWriMo website (my username's jalawood, if you want to add me as a buddy), even though it definitely won't be the actual cover art. It took me about five minutes to make.

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