Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Driver's Ed

Well, today would have been better spent if I'd stayed home, and considering that I was at school, that's kind of sad.
Today was my first day of Driver's Ed. And it was horribly boring. The only good bits were the breaks and lunch.
We literally did nothing at all except for register for a program that we're not even going to use for the first two hours. After so much emphasis on "we only have 30 hours, so we need to cram as much in as possible."
The class started at 8. It was at least 8:15 before any of the teachers said a word to us.

I could have written a story, or edited, or written a song, or made a YouTube video, or read more of For The Win, or watched the World Cup, or Wimbledon, or Torchwood: Children of Earth "Day Five"...but no. I sat in a desk for six hours and "learned" a bunch of things that I mostly already vaguely, subconsciously knew.
Now I know the stuff consciously, which is good, but the class was at far too slow of a pace.
I told my dad that, and he said "Welcome to the adult world."

Couldn't he and Mom taught me that same stuff in far less time? Yes.

The fun part was that afterwards, Mom took me over to the elementary school parking lot and had me drive around a bit to practice turning and stopping and starting. I did all right up until she told me to park. I was pretty crooked, but I blamed it on the lines moving while we were inside talking to the office people about next year.

(Actually, I did see some of the US vs. Algeria match. We were eating lunch and this massive cheer came from the front office so we looked in and saw that we'd just scored.)

Emily called yesterday because she was in the car and bored, and we talked about Clockwork a bit so I've changed a few little things. There's also something sort of minorly important at the end that I switched around (unrelated to our conversation), but I won't say until you've all actually gotten to that part.

For those of you who don't know anything about the current Wimbledon match...the current set (the 5th set) has more games in it than the longest previously-held match. There've been almost 120 games, and they just stopped for the night.

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