Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Did It

Well, I did it. I sent my query letter to the Query Shark.
Apparently I'm supposed to get an "acknowledgement message" within a week, and after that, it may or may not get posted on the blog.
I think I did a fairly decent job on it, but of course I do. I wouldn't have sent it to her if I didn't think so. And I must admit, I didn't wait a week before doing more revisions. And I didn't take notes. I've just been revising as I trundle through the posts.
After you guys finish reading Clockwork and I go for a final editing swipe or two...I guess it'll be time for me to start sending out the letter. That's a scary thought. Even now, I'm thinking "No! Get more people to read over it! There's no way it's ready yet! There's got to be something wrong with it!"
And maybe there is. Maybe there's an enormously terrible thing wrong with it that I don't know about. But that's what you guys are for.

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