Sunday, June 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

(Fun fact: "The NaNoWriMo Song" by ALL CAPS just started playing on my CD player unrelated to this post).

Let's make it 3 posts for the day. Yes, that's a good idea.

It's not that time of year again. In fact, we have almost 5 months left before the insanity of November. (I just removed the last column of my 23-page outline that's been there since Halloween from my wall yesterday).
I still don't know which story I'll be writing.
I haven't started on an outline.
I probably won't do either of those things until after my birthday (October 6th).

So I'm not really writing about NaNoWriMo itself.

My sister (not the one who wrote the letter to Lincoln) is going to try this year. She's got half a page of outline so far. She doesn't read this blog, so I can be honest: I don't think she's going to make it. Emily, you didn't make it, and you write way more often than she does (she pretty much writes...never). I might be proved wrong, of course, but that's what I think.

Her friend Zoe, who is my "3rd sister," according to my dad, will also be attempting. I might invite her to come some Wednesday or another. I've never read any of her stuff, but I think she's more likely to make it than my sister.

Here's the funny part: yesterday, at the pool, we were sitting with Zoe's family, and her dad said to my mom, "So, are you going to be doing NaNoWriMo as well?" Now, none of you know my mom, but if you did, you would have laughed as well. There is no way she would ever do something like that. Ever. My dad might if he had several more hours at his disposal each week and didn't have other things to do (meaning he will never do it either), but mom? No.
Except she didn't say anything like that. She said "Oh, no, somebody's got to keep the house running," implying that if she had a clone to do stuff, then she would. So maybe I'm wrong about her, and she has this secret writer buried really deep down in her soul somewhere.

So that  is what my fall is going to be like:

  • School
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Giving advice and motivation to the two of them
  • Fending off my mother's demands that I come out of my room and take a break from whatever story I get into.
Fun, yes? I hope so.

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