Saturday, June 12, 2010

TV Channels & Anecdotes & Jokes

You may or may not know that all of the cable channels just got re-numbered.

So while I was waiting for soccer to start (I ended up not watching much of it, but that's another story), I was flipping through the little cheat-sheet thing they sent us that says what channel is which number.
I figured I'd look for BBC America, since although I watch Doctor Who online, sometimes I watch the old episodes Saturday nights @ 9.
BBCAM used to be channel 116, or 235 HD.
Now all we get is BBC On Demand (on which, funnily enough, the first thing that comes up to be demanded is the most recent 5 episodes of Doctor Who).
So we get porn channels (they were listed on the brochure), but not BBC America. This aggravates me.
My dad insists that we must get it somewhere, but I looked over the entire thing...and it's not there.
So I'm just stuck with Netflix Streaming and that other site. Which is fine, but annoying. Where am I supposed to get the Confidentials from? They're the one making-of series I actually enjoy. **grumbles**

I haven't watched the latest episode yet, speaking of which, as my grandparents are here and they've been looking at pictures from their trip to Ireland on the big TV (which is hooked up to the MacMini, which is how we watch the episodes).

At my cousin's graduation party last night, there was a life-size cardboard cutout of Jacob Black waiting in the front hall. Scared the crap out of me. Apparently my other cousin's boyfriend bought it just to creep her out. He's been appearing in random places in the house (like in the dark at the top of the stairs) all week.
Finally he was bothering everyone so much that we turned him around so he was facing their piano room, upon which my cousins' aunt on their dad's side screamed "NOT THERE! I'M SLEEPING IN THERE!!!"

Another story:
While my grandparents were in Ireland, they were going to visit the Blarney Stone and kiss it, and their bus driver said "Don't kiss it. They whiz on it." A little while later, he said "Only joking. They don't whiz on it."
After they were back in the bus, he said "So how many people kissed the Blarney Stone?" People raised their hands. "They really do whiz on it."

There's no knowing whether or not something like that's true, is there?


A man joins a monastery in which the monks don't talk at all, except for once a year when they go to see the Abbot. A week or two later, that time of year comes around. The Abbot says "So how's it going for you here?" The man says "The bedrooms are cold." The Abbot nods, and the man leaves and returns to his prayers. A year later, the Abbot says "So how's it going for you here?" The man says "The food sucks." The Abbot nods, and the man leaves and returns to his prayers. After the man's second year there, the Abbot says "So how's it going for you here?" The man says "I quit." The Abbot snorts and says "Good riddance! Every time you open your mouth, you're bitching and moaning!"

I hope this post made you laugh.


  1. -Ireland is a great place.
    -That sounds like a mean bus driver.
    -Cardboard cutouts, spotless reflections and lifelike models scare me too.
    -Joke was funny!
    -Nice redesign of your blog!

  2. Thanks. I'm very pleased with it.


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